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Connect2Compete FAQs


    What is Connect2Compete?

    Connect2Compete(C2C) is a national not‐for‐profit initiative that works to bring studentsandfamilies online by providing $9.95/month high‐speed Internetand free digital literacy training. For 2years, there are no price increases, noactivation fees, no equipment rentalfees, and no contract onthe high‐speed Internetservice.


    Who is eligible for the $9.95 Cox highspeed Internet through C2C?

    Families with at least one child receiving free school meals through the National School LunchProgram(NSLP) are eligible for the $9.95/month Cox home Internetservice. In addition, familiescannot have subscribed to Cox Internetservice within the last 90 days or have any outstanding debtor unreturned equipmentwith Cox.


    Where and when will the C2C offerbe available?

    Cox Communications is offering the service in its service areas nationwidethrough December 31,2015.


    How should families apply for Cox’s lowcost Internet servicethrough C2C?

    Eligible families can applyonline by visiting or by callingtoll free1‐855‐222‐3252.


    Why should our school get involved with the Connect2Competeprogram?

    High‐speed Internet access is no longer a luxury good. It has becomean essential tool forsucceeding in school. Teachers are increasingly incorporating digital tools in theclassroom toenhance learning, assigning online homework and using email to communicate with parents andpost grades online. At the same time, teachers of the lowest income students are more than twiceas likely as teachers of the highest income students (56% v. 21%) to say that students’lack ofaccess to digital technologiesis a “major challenge” to incorporating more digital tools into theirteaching.

    Unconnected families– those who lack Internetservice in theirhomes – are disproportionately from low‐income families. There aremany factorsthat preventbroadband adoption, but price,availability and relevancyare among the most common.Cox’s discounted offer helps to address two of the three barriers:price and availability. Relevancy is understandingthe value of the Internetto one’s educational andeconomic opportunities.As trusted members of the community, yourschool leaders can help families develop an understanding of how Internetservice in their homes can benefit their children’s academic success and their familiesexperience in your school.

    How can theschool provide assistance to help families register online?

    Schools can host sign‐up events by providing computers and assistance forfamilies to apply online.Families will benefit from facilitated registration through a trusted source so it’s important forschool administration and faculty to be aware ofthe programand process for application.


    Will supporting the program cost ourschool any money?

    1. This is not a school program.An endorsementor sponsorship is not required, and your school isnot responsible thefamilies’ Connect2Competeaccounts.


    Does a family qualify forC2C if their child receives reducedprice (as opposed to free) lunchesthrough theNSLP?

    1. Only those with children receivingfree school lunches are eligible at this time.


    If our school is a Title One school which offers free school lunch to all students, are there otherforms of eligibility for the program?

    Yes. Enrollment in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) andthe SupplementalNutritionAssistance Program(SNAP) programs also can be used as proof of eligibilityforConnect2Compete.


    How long can a C2C customer continue to receive reducedprice Internetservicethrough theprogram?

    Families eligible for C2C will receive the reduced‐price Internet for 2 years as long as they remaincontinuouslysubscribed to the Internet service.


    How fast is the Cox Internet service offered as a part of C2C?

    C2C provideshome Internetservice with download speeds of at least 5Mbpsand upload speeds of1Mbps.


    What forms of paymentare acceptedfor the Internet offer?

    Cox accepts checkingaccount, savingsaccount, debit card, credit card, cash or money order (cashand money order must be done in person at a Cox store).Paymentis due when customers receivetheir bill after installation.


    What is includedwiththe Cox HighSpeed Internetservice?

    •          The Connect2Compete Internetservice includes:
    •          Up to 10 email addresseswith plenty of space for your attachments.
    •          Plenty of online space forstoring and sharing yourmost important files ‐ photos, videos,music and documents.
    •          The Cox Security Suite, acomprehensive suite of online safety software tools to protect you and your family online.