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    Instructions for Requesting Bag Lunches:
    • Complete and submit the form for your school linked below a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the event.
    • Cost:  Student lunches are at no charge.  The cost for an adult lunch is $3.75 each and must be paid in advance of the event at your school cafeteria.
    • Lunches must be picked up in the school cafeteria at the time indicated.
    • Cancellations require a minimum one (1) business day email notice prior to the event date. The person requesting the lunches will be charged $2.75 per lunch for any cancellations requested less than one (1) business day.
    • All transport coolers must be returned to the cafeteria the first business day following the field trip.  Replacement cost of coolers not returned will be the responsibility of the person ordering the bag lunches.
    • By submitting the form linked below, you agree with the term listed above.