• Balsz Elementary School District No. 31

    Field Trip Criteria


    • Approved form must be received by Transportation Dept. at least ten working days prior to trip.
    • Overnight trips must be approved by the Governing Board at least two months prior to trip.
    • Field Trips are limited to two per class.
    • All field trips should support learning and be curriculum related.
    • Chaperones:  one teacher for every thirty (30) students, and an additional adult for every ten students.  Teacher is to be  present and available at all times
    • Each student must have written permission from parent or guardian.  Permission slips must be in your possession during field trips.
    • Communicate with parents and students all criteria for participation. Contact parents as quickly as possible if student ineligible.
    • Fill out  on-line Food Service Form for sack lunches and also notify the cafeteria if students will be gone during lunch time.  This should be done as soon as “Field Trip Request Form” is set to Transportation.