Digital Arts: Traditional Media Electrified!

  • Image of representation of digital circuitry and robot

    We live in a digital age where practically every major company in the world that offers products and services relies on digital art in some form. Whether it's photography, music, video, illustration, design or image enhancement, digital art is used in thousands of ways for thousands of reasons: advertising, marketing, communication, education, presentation, product development, entertainment and even cultural arts. The list is endless. As these and many other industries continue to grow, demand will continue to increase and tomorrow's job market will continue to expand faster than ever before. Companies around the world are on the lookout for new talent who can blend innate skill with the latest technology to create the face of the future, and they're offering the kinds of financial incentives necessary to make it happen. 

    At Tillman, we understand the marketplace, and we understand how it's going to affect the future of our students. That's why we created the Tillman Digital Arts Program. We wanted to offer our kids an incredible opportunity to engage in these exciting, creative and lucrative fields, so we combined fine arts with digital technology to provide a one of a kind digital arts experience that can make an important difference in their lives. From Music Technology to Video Production, we prepare students with the skills they'll need to successfully navigate high school and beyond. Our computer graphics program exposes students to the Adobe Creative Suite of products and our Multi-Media Design class will give students the experience of building websites, You Tube channels and the proper use of social media platforms. Our goal is to help students develop real world digital skills and the ability to apply them in everyday life. We believe our specially designed Digital Arts Program will create a new and unique experience that challenges students both artistically and technologically, but most importantly, it will provide them with an introduction to an industry that may shape their financial future.