Honors and Core Math, Science, History, & Language - Expanding the Essentials!

  • Here at Tillman, we believe that every student needs a strong foundation. We offer both CORE and Honors pathways that are designed to prepare students for the challenge of both high school and beyond. A the heart of the Core pathways are the essential courses: Math, Science, History, and ELA. OUr high school preparatory curriculum ensures that each student has the foundation skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in high school. For students who excel in many of these areas, we offer an Honors tract in all four subjects that is challenging, rigorous, and demanding.

    Regardless of level, our goal is to motivate all students’ curiosity to explore, enlighten, and excel to their greatest potential. Whether they are going to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, American idols, or professional athletes, we want them to be the best they can possibly be. To make that happen we have to get moving early, because we know that it starts here and it starts today.

Smiling student holding a Tillman Middle School binder