Human Kinetics - Moving Athletics to Another Level

  • Everyone  knows  that  professional  sports  is  a  multi-billion  dollar  industry. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or soccer, there’s big bucks ahead if Image of student wearing a Tillman jersey carrying a ball. you've got what it takes to make the cut. But even more important than going pro are the benefits kids can receive just by going through the training. The kind of training that will teach them how to reach a peak performance and the knowledge, discipline, and skill to keep it.  Sometimes, by  starting  early  and  maintaining  the  right habits, workouts and routines, they'll develop a love that may enable them to enjoy a  healthy  lifestyle for years  to come. We have always recognized the value of encouraging our children to have physical activity, especially in sports. Now we can start them in a program that will not only help develop their skills, but also increase and refine their potential just like the pros. And for those with extraordinary abilities, starting them today might even help them make that crucial cut in the years to come.

    The  Human  Kinetics  Program  at Tillman  is  an  elite  sports training  program  patterned  after  the  professional  training procedures  used  by  the  pros.  Each  day,  students  receive superb  sports  training  through  specialized  elective  classes designed to improve all  aspects of athleticism.  From speed training, power and endurance to coordination, agility and flexibility, we do it all.  Increased strength, faster reaction times, better balance, improved nutrition and wellness. It's all included, and it’s all good.  Our  holistic approach  to  sports training and conditioning is highly effective because we look at  everything  with  safety  as our  number  one  priority.  Our focus is  to  develop  highly  skilled  champions  that  can complete at any level and maximize every athlete's potential. Professional training, an early start, a crack at the big time and a better lifestyle. It can be a great future.