Make a Difference

Collage of four photos: students working on computer, writing, and working with teachers
  • If you are in education because you want to make a difference, be innovative, and change the path for the future for children who need help the most, then you’re a great fit for the Balsz District Community. We invite you to join our faculty of award-winning, dedicated educators who come to work every day with pride in their district, in their students and in their work.

Teacher Testimonials

  • “This district really cares about you growing as a professional and because of that I became a leader in science. I’ve since gone out and helped other science teachers become Nationally Board Certified in the area of science. The amount of training I receive is really
    beneficial to everybody.”
    - 8th grade Science Teacher, Tillman Middle School

    “The students are from many diverse backgrounds-from different parts of the country, different parts of the world, and with a lot of different languages. Once you get to know them, go into the classroom, you find they are unique and you want to make a difference for them. As a whole we always try to nurture the environment for the students, but also for the teachers.”
    - District Mentor

    “…It’s the job that I love and was meant to be. I am very fortunate to work here and be surrounded by wonderful people, so knowledgeable, respectful, caring and compassionate towards their students.”
    - Anonymous