Family Involvement Events

  • Agenda

    3:00-3:30pm Meeting in classroom for Monthly Update
    3:30pm-5:00pm Cafeteria for Monthly Activity

    Focus and Themes change monthly. See below for information on each month's event.

butterfly on flower
  • August Focus: Back to School/Getting to Know You

    Back to School Theme: Learn about class rules, routines, schedules, and what the classroom offers, as well as school resources.
    All About Me Theme: Children love to talk about themselves! Activities for children to learn about their own features and attributes, as well as their community.
    Family Theme: Activities to learn about students and their families.

    September Focus: Community Helpers/School Personnel

    Community Helpers Theme: Learn about doctors, firefighters, garbage collectors, police officers, community managers, school personnel, and more.
    Fall Theme:  Fall books, art activities, crafts, and simple activities to learn more about Fall.

    October Focus: Creativity

    Teddy Bears Theme: Most kids have their favorite teddy bear that they cherish, and these cuddly friends can help motivate children to learn something they may otherwise have issues with. We will also have Krystin Bridges from the Arizona Burn Foundation.

    November Focus: Being Thankful

    Thanksgiving Theme: Thanksgiving is a holiday full of history, and helps teach children about thankfulness and sharing.
    Kindness Theme: Kindness is such an important value to teach children, and the earlier they learn, the easier it will be for them to spread kindness throughout their life. Children will explore what it means to be kind through books and songs.

    December Focus: Winter Holidays

    Music Theme: Music is one of the best ways to teach children. Paint to music, dance to new songs, and learn about different musicians and composers.
    Christmas Around the World Theme: Learn about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and other cultural holidays around the Christmas season. There are lots of different foods and traditions to discover!

    January Focus: New Year 2020

    New Year's Theme: Talk about old and new, incorporate calendar and time concepts, and have a Noon Year's Eve Party with glitter!
    Chinese New Year Theme: The Chinese New Year, one of the world's most celebrated festivals, happens each year between January 21st and February 20th. This is a special time for families to gather together and honor deities and ancestors, as well as lots of other fun cultural customs.

    February Focus: Valentine's Day/Friendships

    Friendship Theme: Help children navigate through the important foundations of friendship and learn to be a better friend themselves.
    Shapes Theme: Shapes are everywhere! Not only is it important to learn about shapes themselves, but shapes are the perfect canvas for teaching math, literature, and even science!

    March Focus: Spring/Bugs & Insects/Sports

    Bugs & Insects Theme: Bugs and insects are different, and it's fascinating to find out what those differences are, and children love to explore and observe bugs!
    Spring Theme: Spring is so full of life, sunshine, flowers, and baby animals. What a great time to make a sun catcher!
    Sports Theme: Whether kids play on organized sports teams or use sports as a way to get in physical activity, they are a great way to encourage healthy play!

    April Focus: STEM/Time/Zoo Animals

    STEM Theme: Add a bit more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to children's lives!
    Time Theme: Time clicks by each moment. Learning the concept of time as a child is important and can be fun, tying into calendars and clocks with creative activities!
    Zoo Animals Theme: Going to the zoo is a trip that most kids would never turn down! There are many great books and activities to teach a variety of topics about animals.

    May Focus: Summer/Travel/Transportation

    Summer Theme: Summer is full of fun-pools, beaches, vacations, and of course lemonade!
    Travel Theme: This is a great way to get kids talking about themselves, using maps to talk about all the different places kids have traveled!
    Transportation Theme: There are many forms of transportation and all help you get to where you need to go!