Arizona Science on Wheels

  • Monthly Events hosted by the


    Arizona Science Center!


    OELC Room 100, 11:45-12:45

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    August 23 Dino-mite: Children explore paleontology as they transform into a dinosaur detective! They will study Arizonan fossils, excavate dinosaur eggs, and investigate the fossil inside!

    September 27 Bubble-olgy: Let's go popping! Children will explore the scientific thinking process using bubbles. They will observe attributes and actions of bubbles, test unique bubble wands, and create gigantic bubbles large enough to fit a child inside!

    October 25 Coding with Kibo: Meet Kibo! Kibo is a robot that introduces young scientists to coding using wooden blocks. Children will practice their coding skills and write their own programs. Plus, they can decorate Kibo to look like their favorite animal!

    November 22 Constructioneering: Children will learn about engineering, math, and architecture by designing structures that introduce us to the principals of building such as following direction and persisting through challenges, defining tools and materials, and collaborating in groups.

    December 20 Icy Investigators: When it starts to get cold outside, winter is here! In this class, children will learn all about winter, snow, and why things freeze with demonstrations using dry ice.

    January 31 It's Slime Time: Children get messy in this investigation into the world of preschool chemistry! They will explore texture and measurement, while following a procedure to create different types of slime.

    February 28 3-2-1 Blastoff!: Children will design, build, and blast off their own rockets using a specially-engineered launch pad!

    March 27 Please Don't Stop the Music: There's a science-and-math reason why that one song won't get out of your head. Children will learn more about rhythm and tempo, make their very own instruments, and write their own music using a xylophone!

    April 24 We've Lost Our Marbles: Children will explore the scientific relationship between gravity, force, and motion through various hands-on physics experiments. Children will engineer ramps, test them in action, and make bouncy balls to take home!

    May 15 Whirly, Twirly, Flying Things!: Children will follow in the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci by designing and testing their own flying machines. They will learn how to create soaring helicopters and experiment with how other objects fly in this gravity-defying class! Children will take home their engineered creations.