District Celebrations

  • Our Certified Employee of 1st Quarter was Megan McClusky, a 4th Grade Teacher at Griffith! Megan was nominated for her contributions to Griffith's culture, which she builds through organizing outings, chaperoning evening field trips, and participation in after-school activities. Balsz is grateful for a teacher like Megan who goes above and beyond!

Megan McCluskey, Richard Holmes, Griffith students, and Board members
  • Griffith's G.O.A.L. students, led by Ms. Geislinger, gave an incredible presentation to the Governing Board on Composting. Last year they began a PBL about composting, investigating how much food students are wasting at lunch, learning what happens if we compost our waste instead of throwing it away, and developing solutions to reduce waste at Griffith. Balsz is so proud of the hard work these 4th and 5th graders have done, and we are excited to see them put their plans into action!

  • Our Classified Employee of 1st Quarter was Maria Hernandez, a Crossing Guard at Brunson-Lee! Maria was nominated for being present every day, displaying professionalism with students, and never complaining when asked to do extra things. Balsz is grateful for her commitment and positive attitude!

Maria Hernandez, Leticia Castro, and Board Members