FACT SHEET: Brunson-Lee, Crockett, Griffith and Orangedale Schools Will Receive New Branding Starting in Spring 2020

  • Two years ago, the Balsz School District transformed Balsz Elementary School into the new Pat Tillman Middle School. The transformation included a completely new curriculum, new name and brand identity and even new educational facilities, which will be complete this summer. The goal is to make Pat Tillman Middle School one of the best middle schools in the Valley.
    The district also wants to focus on improving the profile of its three elementary schools — Brunson-Lee, Crockett and Griffith — as well as the Orangedale Early Learning Center. We want these schools to become a source of pride for the community, and to become the right choice for parents who are seeking the best educational environment for their children.
    As part of this effort, it’s now time to look at the logo and branding for these four schools. We’re not changing the name or mascot of any of these schools at this time. But it’s an ideal time to create a fresh, new and modern logo and brand for each one, just as we did for Tillman.
    The current school logos date back decades — in fact, we’re not entirely sure when the logos were done, and in some cases we don’t currently have original artwork. And with so many other public, private and charter schools out there, it’s important that our schools have an opportunity to put their best foot forward.
    So, with all these factors in mind, we believe now is an ideal time for a new “brand” for these four schools, brands that will help us tell our schools’ stories well into the future. 

    What is a logo and what is a brand?
    A logo is part of an overall brand. A brand is the overall experience you have in interacting with an organization. The logo is the primary symbol of what the brand represents, so it’s important, but it’s part of a much larger picture. 
    Logos can have more than one version. They can include both vertical and horizontal versions. They can be modified for specific programs or departments. They often include color and type treatments to increase the versatility in their use.
    But overall, the logo is the visual identifier for an organization, while the brand is the larger experience you have when you interact with an organization. We’ll be working on new logos for each of the schools, and those new logos will improve the experience that creates the overall brand.

    How much will this process cost?
    Cost is always an issue that we’re focused on at Balsz — we want to direct as much revenue as possible into the classroom, while still providing the support needed to make our schools successful as a whole.
    The design process for each school logo isn’t that expensive — it’s just paying for the designer’s time. Once the logos are approved, we’ll start working on the most cost-effective ways to implement the new branding in schools. This will be done over the course of time — there’s no need to redo all of the signs, printed materials and other products that have the current logos on them until new products are needed or resources are available. So, the rebranding will not result in significant new or additional costs for the districts or its schools.

    Timeline and Process
    Initial creative concepts:  February 25, 2020
    Feedback period:  February 25-March 4, 2020
    Refinement of concepts:  March 4-10, 2020
    Final review:  March 11-13, 2020
    Final approval of new logos:  March 16, 2020
    Implementation in school materials:  April 2020

    We Want Your Input!
    You are invited to fill out our survey via Survey Monkey to provide your input on the new branding. Take this survey to provide your feedback on the logos.

    For more information, contact Alexis Wilson, Assistant Superintendent, at awilson@balsz.org or 602.629.6400.  And for updates, visit our website at balsz.org.

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