• Technology Planning Committee Meeting Notes 05/18/2015

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 5/18/2015 1:00:00 AM
    Committee Members in Attendance
    Jan Mains - District
    Kelly Roman - Griffith
    Karen Peterson - Griffith
    Drew Miller - District
    Zachary LoMonaco - District
    Simon Alaniz - District
    Myra Romero - District
    Patricia Lacina - District
    Ellen Trzaskowski - Crockett
    Bryan Cunningham - Griffith

    Thanks to those in attendance for reviewing the finalized documents at the Technology Planning Committee meeting yesterday. On the diagram labeled Mobile Computing Device Distribution Flow we discussed the idea that parent night may not be the best venue to orient parents regarding technology since there is not any targeted time during that event to address parents as a group. This was discussed at our ALT Meeting with principals on May 19th. Principals felt we may be able to make parent night work or we may look at a different technology specific or other combination venue to meet with parents. We all agreed we will need an alternative, electronic type orientation as well to ensure parents have other methods of accessing the information. There will be a follow up on this topic at a later ALT Meeting. Since parent completion of the orientation is required for students to use the computers in the class, there was a sense we should focus on requiring 5th-8th grade parents this year and then add in K-4 next year once we have a system in place. Principals agreed that would work as a minimum to get started.   


    If you have not reviewed the finalized Google Docs for the teacher policy and student/parent policy, please take a look at those asap.  Here are the links:

    Student Parent Agreement:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BtfXm-Bmby4d0UPOjs8dmQHGPLhCZ7pmzsiSKsZp8m4&authuser=0

    Teacher Classroom Agreement: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B8TOhU2wiBEaIyYIK3ITRWncFkevKLgiJKgtwpVloho&authuser=0


    As per the discussion at the meeting, I was able to talk to one 7th grade class and one 8th grade class regarding the parent/student policy and general ideas regarding computer breakage and loss. The students felt it was fair to pay for deliberate damage. The majority felt parents would attend some type of orientation. They did point out however that the Lenovo model we purchased has some inherent weaknesses. They indicated the keyboards sometimes do pop up on their own. They also said the hinges break easily. They indicated sleeves for the laptops would be helpful. One group liked the idea of a separate bag and the other group felt a separate bag may get easily lost since it is another thing to remember. They thought sleeves would be better. Approximately 1/3 of the students I spoke to indicated the computers to get used at home by other family members to watch videos, look for jobs, play games, and do research. All felt the newest model of Lenovos were too slow. They said labeling the chargers may help with mixing them up and losing them. They also felt that tablet/laptop combos where you could optionally use a keyboard would be the best option. Some liked the detachable keyboard and some liked the fold back version. There was not really a clear majority. 


    At the Technology Planning Committee Meeting, we also discussed the Criteria for Teacher Software Subscriptions. Please review this and provide any feedback as well: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkY8MfGYR_MXUh5ZsbpYhsA-W9UwDbfOPnHnTva4M8I&authuser=0.


    The idea is that next year,  grade level teams will create a list of 10 software products they would like for their grade level grouping ordered by preference. Then the Technology Department would verify the products for compatibility and pricing. By having the Tech Department do the procurement, there is an opportunity to combine common programs across schools for a better price as well as ensure all of the agreements have a common renewal date. This way it will be easier to create a timeline for yearly product reviews and decisions about renewals.


    We also discussed that next year we are going to focus on student technology for grades K-6. This means we are essentially flip flopping years 1 and 2 of the Override Plan. This is necessary to renew student technology sooner for online testing.


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  • Technology Planning Committee Meeting Agenda 05/18/2015 3:30-5:00

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 5/17/2015
    The Technology Planning Committee will be meeting at the Balsz District Office in the Governing Board Room on 5/18/15 from 3:30-5:00.
    Meeting Agenda:
    • Final review of Student Parent Agreement
    • Final review of Teacher Agreement for Use of Student Mobile Computing Devices in the Classroom
    • Discussion of Criteria for Teacher Based Software and the Override Funding for this Item
    • Quick Review of Override Budget Considerations and Timeline
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  • Meeting Notes 4/13/14

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/14/2015
    The focus of the committee has been to address the management of student technology from a policy perspective. We have been trying to build consistency around the management of technology district-wide. Our first meeting was structured around a Google Presentation, The Committee split into groups and provided feedback on areas such as dealing with missing/stolen devices and damage, both accidental and intentional. The topic of classroom management of devices was discussed as well. Based on the feedback, I modified and created some additional policies as a starting place for the Committee to study and refine. I also tried to put together some rough some flow charts so we can identify areas of need as we progress. 
    The committee studied the documents below, provided feedback and made edits. They were directed to go back to their sites, share these documents and seek additional feedback. All feedback is due on April 24th. Everyone is invited to comment.
    The links below were used during our meeting and should be used for feedback:
    Flow Chart 1 - Stolen Device
    Flow Chart 2 - Damaged Device
    Once everyone has had an opportunity to comment, I will make modifications and share the documents back out to the Committee. Once the Committee approves, I will share our work with the Administrative Team. The final step is that they will be presented to the Governing Board. The anticipated date for that is the May or June Board Meeting.
    The next topic discussed was around individual teacher technology subscriptions. This is an item we budgeted for in the Override for teachers to be able to secure subscriptions for online programs for supplemental instruction.
    Our brainstorming notes are below: 
    • There was a sense that each school should agree on a few subscriptions for different grade level groupings that teachers could choose to use. For example, a set of K-5 programs and a set of 6-8 programs.
    • They felt grouping may be more effective for collaboration/quality use/training
    • There was a sense a school site license would be an economical option rather than paying for individual teachers
    • There was an idea that the money should be allocated based on student count 
    • All subscriptions should be web Based
    • We should make sure we don't agree on programs that have the same functionality as programs we already have
    • No subscriptions for sites that are only for printable worksheets. They must have some element of interactivity
    How do we get feedback on this process.
    • Principals should deliver the message
    • Ask them to share at a PCL and collect feedback
    • We can collect the information via spreadsheet with name/url/grade level group
    • Another option is to survey teachers for programs of interest
    Please comment on this blog to add to the teacher software subscription brainstorm.
    Our next meeting is May 18th. It will be held in the Governing Board Room at the District Office from 3:30PM to 5:00PM.
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  • Technology Planning Committee Meeting Notes 3/23/15

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/13/2015 12:00:00 PM
    Technology Planning Committee Members in Attendance:
    Jan Mains
    Ellen Trzaskowski
    Kathleen Paulsen
    Kelly Roman
    Bryan Cunningham
    Myra Romero
    Karen Peterson
    Meg Hill
    Patricia Lacina
    Drew Miller
    Julie Morgenthal
    The Technology Planning Committee met on 3/23/15. We used a Google presentation as our guide. We reviewed the existing policies for Balsz around Technology Use in Instruction, the Technology Agreement for Students, and the Technology Agreement for Employees. We then split into work teams and addressed three main areas: stolen devices, lost devices and chargers, and damaged devices. Each work team was assigned slides from the collaborative presentation relevant to their topic. They followed the prompts and provided feedback as requested. Anyone can login and view the progress by clicking on the link to the presentation. I have taken the feedback and created modifications to our existing policies and created additional ones. We will be reviewing and refining those drafts at the next meeting. 
    Our next meeting is 4/13/15
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  • Technology Planning Committee Meeting Agenda 4/13/15

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/13/2015 1:00:00 PM
    Based on the feedback from the Google Presentation, I modified and created some additional policies as a starting place for the Committee to study and refine. I also tried to start some flow charts so we can identify areas of need in our approach.
    The links below will be relevant to our meeting:
    Flow Chart 1 - Stolen Device
    Flow Chart 2 - Damaged Device
    Break into groups and review and comment on the drafts. 
    Go back and discuss ideas with peers/feedback 
    Final Topic - Brainstorm ideas around the teacher based software subscription funds
    Set next meeting date 
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  • Technology Planning Committee Meeting 03/23/2015

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 3/23/2015

    Technology Planning Committee Meeting: - An email was sent out inviting all staff to participate in the Technology Planning Committee activities. Those that responded were sent a Doodle request with several meeting dates. Based on their responses a meeting date was chosen. This is an ongoing committee. We would like consistent membership as this improves efficiency and overall effectiveness of the group. However, if you are interested in being a committee member, please email me at jmorgenthal@balsz.org.  

    This is the first meeting of the 2014-15 school year. We are going to begin the review of the policies and procedures for student technology. Our goal is to standardize practices across the district.  We have a deadline to finish by the May Governing Board Meeting because the final handbook needs to be complete for Board Approval. I anticipate we will need to come together two to three more times as we have several other technology topics to cover as well. Don’t let the multiple meetings scare you away.:) We may be able to handle some business in a virtual format as well. Please review the following link to see our current Governing Board Policy and the Technology Use Agreements: https://www.balsz.org/Page/648. I’m attaching the student handbook as well. You will find the technology agreement on page 20. If your school has any additional forms or official rules that pertain to technology, please bring those to the meeting to share.

    Besides reviewing and updating what we do have, here is a sampling of some additional areas that we need to consider:

    What can we proactively do to mitigate loss and destruction of technology?

    Should parents be more involved in the technology, the use of tech, and the student responsibilities?

    Laptop top damage – i.e. intentional: students destroying keyboards i.e. accidental: dropped

    Laptop Management – i.e. J.H. laptops don’t get turned back in when a student leaves (steps – who is responsible?)/laptops go missing from class sets

    How do we manage chargers? Who is responsible for missing chargers? Is there a budgeted amount per school? Is there a cap?

    What is the process when a device is missing?

    What is the process if a family leaves and never brings the laptop back? When do we report it stolen or do we report it stolen?

    What is the criteria/process for the district to replenish missing laptops? How does this get funded? Is there a cap?

    How do we handle student laptop discipline if teachers depend on students having tech?

    Does everyone know about the different internet filtering groups for discipline? Does it work?

    Here is the collaborative presentation that the committee will be using in the policy and procedure discussion. 
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  • Website Update

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 10/25/2013

    Background: We held a meeting with the Tech Planning Committee on 9/4 and asked the participants for feedback via a Google form regarding some sample templates and website content. We then pushed that survey out to all District Staff and a few members of the community as well. That feedback indicated people overwhelmingly supported the following template as our new district design: https://www.balsz.org/site/default.aspx

    The survey also allowed for feedback on content placement and overall available content. We will be making changes to the new site based on that feedback. 

    This template will be used district wide and customized with school input for each site. The customization will include school colors, a school logo and of course school content.

    Each District Department and School will be responsible for updating their own content. Teacher websites will be available as well. Training information has been forwarded to District and School Administration.

    The new website will go live January 17th. 

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  • Website Decision Making - Meeting Notes 9/4/13

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 9/4/2013
    Members in Attendance: 
    Fabiola Muñoz - Parent
    Dianna Davis - Technology Teacher
    Meg Hill - Technology Teacher
    Julie Morgenthal - Technology Director
    Hazen Kor - Network Engineer
    Leslee Jonovich - Music Teacher
    Patricia Lacina - Technology Mentor Teacher

    We met on 9/4/13 with the current Technology Planning Committee to begin to develop the process for a new website design. During the meeting we discussed some of the opportunities and challenges with our new website content management system, School Wires. Then, we asked the committee to complete a website evaluation survey. If you would like to partake in this process, any community member or staff member can complete the survey. The link is located here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fqOux6zlLwU7EDp8t2QFKsrN4a7yGhg6V45Ygohp4bg/viewform.

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  • Website Decision Making - Date Change Update

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 8/16/2013

    We need your help to make some decisions regarding the District/School Websites. As you may know School Center is going away and we have chosen a new provider, School Wires. For this transition we get to explore new designs and new ideas for displaying content.  The website is an important communication tool for the district and we want to start with your group for this decision making process.  We will be meeting twice for this venture. The first meeting is Wednesday Sept. 4th at 3:45.




    Preview of different designs - We need to decide on three to send out for district-wide feedback

    Prioritization of home page content

    Review/Prioritization of Navigation


    If you know of additional parents or community members who may like to be a part of this process, please feel free to invite them.


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  • Technology Plan Presentation to the Governing Board 04/09/2013

    Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/9/2013

    The Technology committee meets yearly to review the Technology Plan progress. The current District plan expires next year so we took the opportunity this year to go through a new technology planning cycle.

    The Technology Committee is an advisory committee

    The planning progress was posted on this Technology Planning Committee blog site. The site is still open for your comments and feedback.

    There was a change noted tonight in the presentation for the Governing Board with regard to the plan dates. During the planning process we indicated this would be a five year plan in anticipation of developing a budget for a potential capital override. However, new requirements from the School and Libraries Division have indicated all technology plans should be three year plans and not five year plans. The Technology Plan is reviewed and modified annually at the very least. We are always seeking out ways to try and future proof the District technology as much as possible with each revision. We don't make extreme shifts from year to year as that would be very expensive. So, we are going to shift this from a five year plan to a three year plan. The Governing Board was asked to take note of this change when it comes time to consider the plan for approval next month. The change will only appear on the plan cover page. The change does not impact the plan contents or direction in the least. 

    This presentation was meant to share the plan components and progress with the governing board as well as consider any input the Board or other District Stakeholders may have. The plan will be brought back to the Governing Board at the May meeting to be considered for approval.

    We have uploaded the full draft of the Technology Plan the Board received prior to the meeting tonight in full as well.

    All comments on the blog are moderated.

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