• Board Report May 2019

    Teacher Appreciation Week

    We had a great week celebrating our teachers at all schools for Teacher Appreciation Week. All school shad a wonderful, healthy breakfast that was attended by many of our district office administrators.  We enjoyed this opportunity to let our wonderful teachers know how much we appreciate them.

    New Teachers Celebrate

    Our new teachers met for the final time last week.  Under the excellent leadership of Daniela Robles our new teachers have regularly met this year to learn and share their experiences in order to help them feel comfortable and effective in their role as a Balsz educator. 

    Retirees Recognized

    Tonight we will be honoring 3 teachers who will be retiring from Balsz.  I am pleased we could bring these wonderful educators to this meeting so our governing board can show their appreciation.  Thank you to Mr. Aguilar for suggesting this special recognition.

    School Breakfast News

    2019 USDA Champions of Breakfast Awards 
    The Champions of Breakfast Awards recognize schools and districts that operate exemplary School Breakfast Programs. Arizona had three winners this year we were one of them! Balsz School District is a recipient of the award for the category Implementation of an Innovative School Breakfast Model. Balsz has elevated their Breakfast in the Classroom program through partnerships with national and local organizations, support from the entire school community, and implementing policies that support the district’s Healthy Eating, Active Living (H.E.A.L), such as allowing students 15-30 minutes to eat their breakfast meals, only serving fresh fruit, and providing nutrition education during breakfast time. Congratulations to Claude Chatelain and the Sodexo Food Service Team for this terrific recognition of our efforts to provide a Healthy Eating and Active Living environment in our schools!

    Congratulations Tech Core Teachers

    Congratulations to Tech Core Members Katherine Urbanski and Tiffany Crawford for passing the Level 1 Google Certified Educator Exam.  Our own Patricia Lacina has passed Levels 1 and Level 2. Tech Core Teachers worked through the Google curriculum this year, but taking the three hour test was optional.  We are proud of the teachers who made the extra effort and passed. Passing this test is difficult, and these teachers have proven they have the knowledge to use the Google tools effectively and at a high level in the classroom.

    Tillman Promotion

    Pat Tillman Middle School will be celebrating their first promotion in the new school’s history on May 22nd at 5:00pm at Camelback High School.

    Brunson Lee Teacher Wins Award

    McAliser’s Deli honored one of our teachers from Brunson-Lee this week for Teacher Appreciation. Mr. Huerta from Brunson-Lee received a $50.00 gift card and10 lunches that he shared with other staff members. 

    Representative Langdon Visits Brunson-Lee

    Representative Langdon visited Brunson-Lee to read to a class of 2nd graders recently.  She red two books and spoke to them about being a representative and visiting Washington D.C. The students were very interested to hear about her meeting with President Obama. As I was walking her out to her car she exclaimed, “This was my best day as a legislator ever!” Thank you to Ms. Powe for making this connection with Rep Langdon!

    Cross Border Youth Summit

    We were pleased to have 45 students from Mexico visit Tillman to shadow our students.  We hosted the students for lunch with our AVID kids. I am pleased that we continue to support this opportunity for 200 students from both sides of the boarder to meet and learn for each other. 

    Student Success Story

    We just received some very exciting news about one of our former students.  Four years ago, with the help of teacher Toni Flood, we assisted a Balsz eighth grader (Alex Santana) to get a scholarship to Brophy College Prep High School.  He has done very well there and we just learned that he has earned an Obama Fellow Scholarship to attend ASU!  This is an example of how well our students can perform when provided with support, guidance and a belief in themselves. We are reaching out to Alex and his family to invite them to one of our board meetings so we can recognize him for his efforts. 

    Balsz District Chess Tournament

    This is our second annual district chess tournament will be at our Balsz Community Center. On May 16 from 12:30- 4:00pm,  64 students in grades K – 5 will compete. We are thrilled to have this many students enjoy chess in our district, especially kindergarten students.

    I would like to thank gifted teachers Alison Geislinger and Megan Krotz.    Also a very special acknowledgment to our instructor, Mr. Alek Apostolov.  Alek owns a chess school and has generously donated his time and expertise to the Balsz chess program this year.

    Tillman Middle School Public Meeting

    We continue to plan for the new Tillman Middle School. We are holding a public meeting for input and we would love to hear from you! Our next meeting is at Griffith Elementary School in their Cafeteria on May 21 starting at 6:00pm.  Please come and hear about the exciting plans for the new Tillman Middle School project.

    Thank You, this concludes my comments for this evening. As a sign-off I just like to thank all of our teachers and our students for a wonderful job they did this year in the 18-19 school year.  And we look forward to a very wonderful summer and coming back to school fresh and ready to go in August. Thank you and that concludes my comments for this evening.