• Board Report

    December 5, 2017

    St. Mary’s Food Distribution

    With our ongoing partnership with Saint Mary's Food Bank, on Friday, November  15th we were able to provide 11,000 pounds of groceries and produce to the Balsz Community at Brunson Lee Elementary School. Approximately 160 families took advantage of this great donation, which will help them for the upcoming holidays. One mom said that she was extremely grateful for this donation, because she had no food for her family until she gets her next paycheck this Friday. 

    Cooking with Chef Bill

    Starting this week, we will have Balsz Fun Cooking with Chef Bill during lunch time on Tuesday at Crockett and Thursday at Brunson Lee.  On Wednesday, we will be making fresh hamburgers from scratch on the grill at Balsz. During these events, students will learn more about different foods and how they’re prepared.  I visited Croclett today and Chef Bill was a big hit!

    Banner Health Safety

    Our Director of Nutritional Services Claude Chatelain has been working with Banner Health to promote how important safety is to our students. On Wednesday, November 29th, Banner Health came to the conference center from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm to construct a small town to help explain safety rules to our students from the Boys and Girls club. Students learned about fire safety, traffic safety as well as safety practices in and around the home.

    Dancing Classrooms

    The Dancing Classrooms after school program at the Boys and Girls Club is in full swing (pardon the pun).  This was made possible through funding from our Balsz Community Education Foundation. Students are learning about dance

    Holiday Gift Giving

    With the holidays just around the corner our friends at Skyline Wishbuilders have once again stepped up for Balsz families.  This week 200 families will receive wrapped gifts for every child in the house and a $40.00 gift card to a local grocery store.  In addition the Balsz Community Education Foundation provided gift cards for each school to distribute to deserving families for the holidays. 

    Tax Credit Winner

    I am pleased to announce the winner of this month’s tax credit donation raffle is Paula Watkins! Paula is a reading teacher at Griffith.  Congratulations, Paula!  We would like to encourage staff to please remember to sign up for your chance to be next month’s winner! We also happily accept tax credit donations from our public.  Please visit our district website to learn how you can support our schools.

    Reconfiguration decision

    As you may know the Balsz School District has been holding public meetings and surveying our community to determine the best option for the configuration of our schools.  After much discussion and deliberation our governing board voted at our December meeting to reconfigure our schools so that Brunson-Lee, Crockett, and Griffith Schools will be Kindergarten through 5th grade and Balsz School will become a middle school with grades 6, 7 and 8th.  We are excited by the possibilities this will provide for our students and families though a more focused system built around a middle school model.  We appreciate the input and support of our community, students, parents, teachers and staff.

    Calendar Decision

    Another decision made at our last board meeting is the adoption of our new 180 day school calendar.  This calendar is very closely related to the Phoenix Union High School Calendar and can be viewed on our website. www.balsz.org/calendar

    I would lie to pass along our Best Wishes to you and your family during this wonderful holiday season!

    Thank you this concludes my remarks for this month.