• Promotion Ceremonies

    Griffith and Balsz  held promotion ceremonies on June 7th. Congratulations to all of our promoting 8th graders and thank you to all our teachers, staff and administrators who worked so hard to prepare them for high school, college, career and beyond.

    I also attended


    Scholarship Awards

    The Phoenix Union High School Alumni Association has awarded scholarships for two of our 8th grade students (Angela and Bianca). Balsz presented Angela her $200 award for Alhambra High School and Griffith will be presenting Bianca her $200 award for Camelback during their promotion ceremonies on June 7.


    6th Graders Visit Balsz

    We had a terrific transition day for 6th graders from Brunson, Crocket, and Griffith.  The students were able to meet all their teachers and meet their fellow middle classmates for next year.  The students learned about what life will be like next year in middle school.  We have also had 7th graders from Griffith spend time getting to know the Balsz campus and learn about the great opportunities that will be available next year. As always Mrs. Shehan, Mrs. Lee, Ms. Spencer, Mrs. Flood, Mr. Ibrahim, Ms. Netzer, Ms. Trufley were very motivating and inspiring for our incoming middle school students. 


    Board Strategic Planning Session

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Focus on the Future of Balsz Strategic Planning Session last Wednesday.  This was a very productive meeting that allowed various district stakeholders to meet along with our governing board to discuss the future of Balsz.  We will be working with the sub committees over the course of the next school year to fully develop a vision and strategic plan for our district.


    Meet and Greet for New Principals

    Griffith and Balsz schools have hosted Met and Greet times for incoming principals Elsa Aguirre and Chad Smith over the past few weeks.  Both principals have been meeting students, teachers, staff and parents. This was a great time for our new principals to meet with parents and staff for an opportunity for them to get to know them and learn about their passion for teaching and learning. 


    ADEQ Water Testing Results

    I am pleased to report that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has reported that the lead screening results for drinking water samples collected at Balsz Schools are in acceptable ranges except in one instance that is being retested. We are pleased that the drinking water in our schools is at acceptable levels.

    To learn more about the screening program, visit the ADEQ website: http://azdeq.gov/LeadScreeningProg.


    World Refugee Day

    In case you were wondering, this year’s World Refugee Day will be held on June 17 at Steele Indian School Park. We hope that residents from our area will be able to take part in the festivities.


    Brunson-Lee Trail Open to the Public

    Through generous donations from individuals, Brunson-Lee will be now be opening their fitness trail to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:30-6:00 PM.

    Thank you this concludes my remarks for this month.