• Board Report February 2019


    Balsz Community Education Foundation Officers

    The Balsz Community Education Foundation recently elected new officers.  Adam Reeder is now the President of the BCEF and Mary Ann Marasco is the BCEF Secretary.  Congratulations!

    Coyotes Jersey

    Our district is pleased to participate in a new set of physical education curriculum courtesy of Phoenix Coyotes. The Arizona Coyotes have created a street hockey curriculum for Valley students that will be available in our schools. The curriculum will be added to over 300 schools in Maricopa and Pima counties in the 2018-19 school year, 200 more schools in 2019-20 and another 200 schools in 2020-21.

    The curriculum will impact kids from kindergarten through eighth grade. Each school will receive $1,500 in Coyotes-branded street-hockey equipment, which will include 50 sticks, 50 balls, 50 pinnies, two hockey nets, a stick bag, a teacher's gift backpack and a Coyotes-themed "Raise the Pack" banner. A custom jersey was given to Balsz from the Coyotes.

    VW Settlement School Bus Funding

    The district was approved for $110,000 as its portion of the VW settlement funding for one school bus.  An 84-passenger bus that meets our specifications is on order and could arrive to us as early as March or April.  The cost of the bus is approximately $150,000 and the remaining funds are budgeted in the Capital Outlay Override.

    School Facilities Board (SFB) Fan Coil Project at Griffith

    The SFB has approved the replace of fan coils at Griffith School for $575,900 and awarded a contract to the low bidder, Integrated Mechanical Systems.  This project will replace approximately eighty fan coils throughout the school installed in 1996.  Construction will begin May 24 and concluding on July 24. It is important the build remain empty for the summer in order to keep the contractor on schedule.

    Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2018

    I have a copy of the recently published 2018 Arizona Minority Student Progress Report for your review. The report provided by ASBA details trends in demographics and education in Arizona which shape the context for the state of Arizona.

     Thank you this concludes my remarks for this month.