• Board Report January 2019

    Camelback East Little League

    The Balsz Community Education Foundation (BCEF) recently received a plaque from our local Little League.  BCEF contributes to the Little League to help with the purchase of equipment and uniforms as well as providing scholarships for players.  We are proud to support this group as they provide healthy after school experiences for students. 

    Government Shutdown

    At the time of this recording, our federal government is beginning the 25th day of a shutdown.  I want to reassure all families that the Balsz School District will continue to provide a quality educational experience for all our students.  We do not anticipate any disruptions as a result of the shutdown for the near future. 

    Governing Board Reorganization

    At our January board meeting the Balsz district governing board voted to elect Ms. Channel Powe as President and board member Cesar Aguilar as Clerk.  Thank you to l our dedicated board members for their service to our district.

    Recognition for Tianna Sanchez

    Crockett Instructional Coach Tianna Sanchez wasrecognized at the January Governing Board meeting for having attained her National Board Certification. This is the gold standard of teacher certification, and we are proud of Tianna and our other National Board Certified teachers for the distinction they bring our district.

    Happy New Year

    I would like to extend our best wishes to all in 2019.  We are truly fortunate to have supportive teachers, staff and patrons in our community.  This year our voters overwhelming supported our request for a Bond that will among other things provide funding for rebuilding Tillman as well as state of the art 21st Century classrooms for all our teachers and staff.  We are excited to fulfill the promise we have made to our community and staff to provide the very best opportunities to our students for a quality educational experience.

    Thank you. This concludes my remarks for this month.