•  Dear Parents and Students:Photo of Dr. Chad Smith, Principal

     Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Pat Tillman Middle School.  We are excited to start the new-year and plan to provide you with lots of new, positive opportunities to learn, grow and discover your passion.  For over a century, Balsz School District has established a tradition of excellence, built upon the belief that hard work, dedication and commitment for the foundation of success.  At Pat Tillman Middle School, we believe that providing students with a unique and valuable educational experience is our number one priority. 

    Our goal this year is to establish Pat Tillman Middle School as the destination middle school in Phoenix.  Our new and challenging academic pathways provide our students with a first class education while increasing engagement and student satisfaction.  We are excited to introduce our AVID program, STEM program, Kinetics program and Digital Media Arts program to our students.  We know that when a school creates pathways that kids are excited about, student achievement increases.  We also know that when students are afforded the opportunity to mentor each other and lead their classmates, student efficacy and motivation increases.  Our new Leadership Academy and WEB programs are designed to give each student an opportunity to get involved in their school.  Together, we can accomplish anything. 

    This year, our staff has developed a new theme for the opening of our new school.  “Think Beyond Your Limits” will guide our school this academic year.  We believe that our students have unlimited potential and they are waiting for us to unlock it.  In everything we do, we will challenge the status quo and reach for the stars.  We will all think beyond our limits!

    It is an exciting time to be a Tillman Warrior and we look forward to serving you and your family this year.  With all new ventures, there will be a period of adjustment as we transition from a K-8 to the new Middle School Model.  Just know, that the faculty and staff are here for you through each step of your journey. 

    On behalf of the faculty and staff, we extend an enthusiastic welcome to all of our students and their families.  And, thank you for your continued support of Pat Tillman Middle School. 

    Go Warriors!!!

    Dr. Chad J. Smith
    Pat Tillman Middle School