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  • Welcome Back all Students, Families, and Community,

    With open and excited arms, Brunson-Lee Staff (BLEE) is very excited we are reuniting for the upcoming 22-23 school year to work together to ensure ALL our students are academically successful and emotionally and physically safe.

    Through our values as a school, Believe, Learn, Evaluate, and Elevate, as the principal of Brunson-Lee Elementary, I am committing Brunson-Lee Elementary (BLEE) to the following:

    Believe – BLEE recognizes and acknowledges every student has the capacity to be academically successful. As the principal, I will ensure staff provide students with a quality of education by providing rigorous and relevant instruction while ensuring students’ physical and emotional safety.

    Learn – BLEE recognizes and acknowledges as a staff we must stay current in our learning to ensure our students are receiving best instructional and learning practices. As the principal, I will ensure staff receive ongoing professional development and instructional support proving our belief in our students’ academic success.

    Evaluate – BLEE recognizes and acknowledges we must use reflection as part of our learning. As the principal, I will ensure we will reflect upon ourselves to improve our practices, methods, and systems to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.

    Elevate – BLEE recognizes and acknowledges we will celebrate our students, families, community, and one another to empower all stakeholders. As the principal, I will ensure all stakeholders are valued, and celebrated throughout the school year.

    BLEE commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion for our students by providing staff that is more of a representation of the student population including having more male teachers and a full-time gifted teacher, a code of conduct, a social worker, a community partner for on-campus therapy, and more opportunities for community and family involvement on campus, as well as, trusted adults on campus every day.

    This is my 11th school year at Brunson-Lee. I started as a teacher and I know the love and support the Brunson-Lee Elementary community provides the school. I stand firm in my belief Brunson-Lee students are highly intelligent, capable students. I want to continue to improve our quality of education before, during, and after school. OUR students deserve the best BLEE has to offer each day.

    It is with humility, I have the privilege to serve as Brunson-Lee’s Principal for the 22-23 school year.

    Let’s Goooooooo Eagles,
    Tiffany Crawford, Principal