• Hello Griffith Parents,


    Hello and my name is Marie Martinez. I am the current PTO President at Griffith Elementary, and a Mom to 3 students in the Balsz District. I have a 3rd grader, a 6th grader and a 7th grader at Griffith. I volunteer in the school library, so chances are I've already met your children. :)

    I'm really excited that we have some new faces this year to be a part of our Parent's Group. The PTO is a great opportunity to network, build friendships, and make an amazing impact in our classrooms, communities, even at home! Researchers have been studying the effects that parent attitudes and actions have on their children’s academic success for many years and they have reported consistently that children with parents involved in their education and schools earn better grades, score higher on tests, and much more. The research indicates that parent involvement in education is also linked to higher rates of school attendance, graduation, and pursuit of higher education; what’s more, involved parents have better access to information about opportunities for students, allowing them to be stronger advocates for their children. Research also shows that parent involvement makes a difference across all socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds. The reasons that parent involvement increases student success are many—in itself, simply letting a child know you care and are invested enough to be involved in his day-to-day school life sends a clear message about the value of school and education.


    I have been involved with our PTO for four years now, this year being my 2nd year as President. I am not going to lie, it is a lot of work, but my role is definitely a labor of LOVE! I'm not kidding...my husband keeps telling me to get a job that pays MONEY, but honestly, my heart is here fundraising and giving back to our children. ;-)


    Currently, Griffith Elementary is the only school with an active PTO within our Balsz School District. We have been effectively working towards providing funds for activities for the Griffith students as well and necessities for our Griffith staff where there are no funds available. Over the last year we have been able to make substantial purchases for the classrooms, our Faculty, and campus in general.

    This is just a very few items we have provided for the school:

    Purchase of the much needed awning over the parent-pick up.

    Purchase of Agendas for our 4th – 8th graders since 2012. 

    Purchase of a new Laminator for our staff.

    Provided Lunch/Dinner for our staff on Parent/Teacher Conferences.

    Lanyards with USB flash drives for each educator on staff.

    College Banner for a Higher Education Awareness campaign.

    Veteran’s Day Assembly. Breakfast for our Military speakers

    Trophies for the 1st Annual Science Fair.

    Temporary scoreboard replacement in the Gym.

    Provided payment for Water deliveries for staff.

    T-Shirt purchase for remaining Griffith staff.

    Remodeling of the Teacher’s Lounge.

    Purchase of Soccer Balls for each class for the P.E. Dept.

    Purchase of two Soccer goals for our backfield and paint

    Paint for the entrance of our Library.

    Teacher Appreciation Lunch and Movie Tickets 2013

    Teacher Appreciation Lunch and staplers 2012

    “Put In Cups” for our back field

    Junior Achievement Breakfast

    Griffith PTO will continue to raise these funds indefinitely to further our mission, and vision to provide an ongoing commitment to the safety & welfare of our Griffith staff and students as well as the opportunity in allowing us to fill in the gaps where needed.

    Experience is not needed to join PTO. We have opportunities for everyone. If attending our meetings are not your "thing", we can definitely use your help at any of our fundraising events, such as our Candy Sale in November, or the very popular Spring Fling BBQ held every April. I am open to suggestions and concerns from parents and if they can improve a process, we will definitely use new ideas in practice.

    So, with all of this being said, I thank you in taking your first steps in being involved in your child academic lives. I hope to meet you individually and create fruitful bonds as we work together for the benefit of our children.

    Please feel free to contact directly at marie.m74@gmail.com


    Marie Martinez