Teaching & Learning

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    •New Teacher Induction

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    •Teacher Evaluation

    •Reading Intervention

    •Professional Growth Opportunities
    •Benchmark & Common Formative Assessment 

    •National Board Certification 

    TEACHTalk - The Legacy of Professional Courage

     Daniela Robles Speaks at "Raise Your Hand: Empowered Educators Day"



Teaching and Learning Contacts

  • Director of Teaching & Learning
    Instructional Coaches
    Emily Fortunate - Balsz Elementary
    Heidi Strate - Balsz Elementary
    Kristina Daley - Balsz Elementary
    Sarah Ravel - Brunson-Lee 
    Kathleen Paulsen - Crockett
    Leslie Perry - Griffith
    Reading Interventionists
    Debra Fuller - Balsz Elementary
    Rueben Huerta - Balsz Elementary
    Bryna Gabriel - Brunson-Lee
    Tianna Sanchez - Crockett
    Paula Watkins - Griffith 
    New Teacher Mentor
    Jan Mains