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    Believe in Balsz. . . Balsz Believes in You!

    Values, Mission, & Vision Statements

    Values: Excellence, Achievement, Innovation, Community
    Mission: The Balsz District nurtures the unique skills and abilities of all learners.
    Vision: Students empowered to be globally competitive and innovative thinkers who contribute to their community's sustainability.

    Come for the Opportunity. Stay for the Community.

    At Balsz School District, we’re dedicated to providing our students with a high-quality education that will allow them to be globally competitive and innovative thinkers who lead their communities forward.

    Our dedicated, skilled teachers and professionals work with families to create a positive, safe learning environment at all of our schools. We empower our teachers to be the best they can be — with our district boasting many National Board Certified Teachers and NBCT Candidates.

    We’re committed to finding and retaining these great educators and providing them with the tools they need to make a difference in the lives of our students.

    The Balsz community is an exceptional place to teach, live and raise children. We work together with the community to continuously improve and make the most of the funding and resources we have, to provide robust learning experiences and programs for students and create stronger families.


  • Schools and Programs

    Balsz School District is a small district that makes a big impact — we serve culturally and linguistically diverse populations, change students’ lives and impact the community at large. Working at Balsz means you empower students to be globally competitive and innovative thinkers who we know will change the world for the better.

    Our district consists of six exceptional schools in east Phoenix — Orangedale Early Learning Center, Brunson-Lee Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Griffith Elementary, Tillman Middle School, and the new Balsz Online Academy. It is home to hundreds of dedicated, professional educators who place our children and families as their top priority.

    While each school is different and has its own strengths, there are some common threads throughout the culture you’ll see at all Balsz schools — we focus on creating safe, inclusive and diverse learning environments that are a nurturing place for children to grow and develop.

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