• Staff Absence Reporting

    Here are two important links for requesting and reporting absences: 



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    • Request a Planned Absence
    • Contact Human Resources for Logon Instructions (602) 629-6400
    • Report All Absences
    • Request a Substitute, if Applicable
    • Log on with Your Network Credentials
     IMPORTANT! Are you familiar with the absence request and reporting procedures?

    Please Read the Following - And if you are not sure about how to proceed, ask your supervisor or contact Human Resources!

    I. Planned Absences (personal, vacation, professional, FMLA, etc.):

    1. Request time off 30 days in advance online at Employee Access (Formerly iVision)

    2. Report to Frontline (Formerly Aesop) after approval and at least 36 hours before absence online at

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    3. Phone in notice of your absence to your immediate supervisor.

    Important Notes:

    • Reasonably anticipated Family Medical Leave requires 30 days notice.
    • One of the six personal leave days may be used for personal reasons without prior approval.

    II. Unexpected Absences (sick, bereavement, etc):

    1. Report to Frontline (Formerly AESOP): Before 5:00 a.m., or as soon as you know. Report online using the directions above or call 1-800-714-3076.

                   Click here for instructions.

    2. Phone in notice of your absence to your immediate supervisor.

    Important Notes:

    • Physician's release to return required for three or more days sick leave.
    • Physician’s certificate may be required as evidence of illness.
    • After the 5th day of absence, BASIC will mail Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to employee.
    • Employee must respond to BASIC notice to qualify absence under FMLA.