A Culture of Quality Education and Learning

Why Brunson-Lee is the right choice for your child

  • Brunson-Lee Elementary School is a high-quality educational environment with a commitment to supporting your child’s learning and your family’s culture. Our educators work in close collaboration to ensure your child has the best chance for success as they learn and grow.

    Why choose Brunson-Lee? Here are just some of the reasons:

    • Family: Brunson-Lee is committed to embracing every individual’s cultural background and needs. We provide a smaller, family atmosphere with a focus on individual attention to our students.
    • Collaboration: Our Parent-Teacher conferences and Academic Parent Teacher Team approach allow parents and teachers to work together to help students succeed.
    • Quality Educators: More than 1/3 of our teachers have obtained or are in the process of obtaining their National Board Certification.
    • After-School Programs: Our programs include Student Council, sports, leadership, service and fun activities. Clubs and activities include P.A.C., Art Club, Garden Club and our G.O.A.L. program to provide a more enriched education.
    • Support for Students and Families: Brunson-Lee helps link families with key resources to help them ensure the health and well-being of their children.
    • Early Drop-Off: Parents who need to drop their children off early can do so as early as 7:45 a.m. and know their children are being supervised by highly qualified professionals.

    Brunson-Lee is more than just an elementary school — it’s a place where families gather to enjoy special events, find community resources and much more.

    We offer an extensive amount of special events for our families, including activities such as Family Fine Arts Nights and other special evenings. During the school day we offer KidsRead, Turkey Trot, amd more events to celebrate children and families.