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Why Crockett Elementary School is the Right Choice for Your Child

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    Crockett Elementary School is a hidden gem in the heart of our community — and a place where great things are happening for students. The school boasts a strong mix of talented educators, a focus on the child and exceptional activities that will appeal to almost every family.

    Why choose Crockett? Here are just some of the reasons:

    • Rated a Highly Performing School by the Arizona Department of Education in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
    • Teacher retention rate of 80%+ over the last 3 years.
    • Highly accessible teachers and staff who truly care about the children and families they serve.
    • A focus on mindfulness that allows students the opportunity to grow as individuals and gain knowledge beyond just books and papers.
    • A safe, positive learning environment and a culture that is focused on providing the best possible service to children and families.
    • Extensive after school programs, including sports, leadership, service and fun activities. Clubs and activities include karate, chess, a basketball camp with Phoenix College, public service, Student Council, robotics, science and much more.

    Send your children to a school where the best teachers are there for them. Send your children to Crockett Elementary.

    Mission: To nurture the unique skills and abilities of all learners.

    Vision: To provide a safe environment, develop life-long learners, value culture and diversity as we work to meet the educational needs of all students.

    Core Beliefs: 

    • Children come first and all our decisions will be based in this premise.
    • Education is a shared responsibility; achievement requires the commitment and participation of students, staff, family and community.
    • All students have a right to a quality education that provides them with the skills and experiences to contribute positively to a diverse society.
    • Success is based on respect and trust between the teachers, students, community, parents and administration.
    • Our learning community has unique skills and talents. We will always respect these.
    • We encourage diversity of thought, learning styles, knowledge, experience and richness to our school.
    • Quality education takes time for both the teachers and the students.


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     Core Values: The Golden Bear says Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible. Crockett Bears think pawsitive.

  • Crockett School upholds the Balsz School District GROW Statement in everything we do, and use it to guide our decision-making.

    GROW Statement (Balsz district mission to create independent learners)

  • Crockett is the first mindful school in Arizona that focuses on providing calming strategies to support students that may be struggling with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).educating the whole child graphic image