• Teaching with Technology PLC: January 29, 2020
    Brunson-Lee, 2:00-3:30pm

    <<<Use the links to the left for your session, map, and tech support. 

    All sessions require a laptop and charger, as participants will be given opportunities to explore the programs and create something for their class/staff during the session. Please make sure to restart your laptop within the week prior to ensure any updates are fully installed.
    *Due to allergies, Brunson-Lee is a nut-free zone.*

  •  microsoft sway logo

    Microsoft Sway for Primary Grades

    Presenter: Tiffany Crawford
    Looking for ways to help your primary students publish their writing in a way that is organized and sequential? Struggling to have them find relevant images to accompany their writing? Microsoft Sway is a great tool to address these obstacles!
    Recommended Audience: K-2 Teachers

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  •  Microsoft Sway logo

    Organized Essays with Microsoft Sway *FULL*

    Presenter: Tanya Reyes
    Are your students struggling to write a 5 paragraph essay? Are they combining multiple ideas into one paragraph? Does their writing not make sense? Help your students improve their writing skills with Microsoft Sway. Bonus: Provide additional opportunities for listening and speaking practice for your ELLs.
    Recommended Audience: 3-8 ELA and ELD Teachers

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  •  Class Notebook Logo

    Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook: More Than Just a Notebook!

    Presenter: Karen O'Brien
    Looking for a tool to encourage students' organization, collaboration, note-taking, communication, and more? Microsoft OneNote has it all! In OneNote, students are able to take notes that include text, tables, pictures, and drawings, and data is saved automatically. Information can be shared with other One-Note users allowing students to collaborate on projects and assignments.
    Recommended Audience: K-8; all subject areas

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  •  Staff Notebook Logo

    Microsoft OneNote Staff Notebook

    Presenter: Bianca Gonzalez
    Keep everyone on the same page with Onenote for Staff: eliminate clutter and lost papers, share and organize meeting notes (synced with Outlook calendar invites and agendas), create an alternative way to collaborate, and share data, feedback, and/or lesson plans.
    Recommended Audience: All teachers, staff, coaches, and administrators

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  •  math learning center logo

    Making the Most of Google Slides (Bonus: Math Learning Center Online Math Tools) *FULL*

    Presenter: Lisa Grace
    Tired of copies and textbooks? Are you looking for a new way to collect information about student understanding? Do you just want to save some trees? Create, share, and get insight about student thinking using Google Slides. Bonus: Explore a library of online math manipulatives that can be used independently or along with Slides.
    Recommended Audience: K-8 teachers who need an introduction or refresher of Google Slides, or would like to use Slides as a formative assessment tool; Teachers interested in using online math manipulatives for teaching and learning

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  •  Google Sites logo

    Google Sites for Students *FULL*

    Presenter: Kelly Bosco
    Looking for a new exciting way for students to publish an essay? Love all things Google? Want to learn more about Google in general? Google Sites may be for you!
    Recommended Audience: K-8 teachers

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  •  Google Sites logo

    Google Sites for Family Communication *FULL*

    Presenter: Lindsey McCaleb
    Looking for a way to easily communicate with families? Teachers or grade levels can create Google Sites to present student work, share announcements, and offer resources for parents and families. The best part? Parents can access Sites from any browser or device, without needing a specific app!
    Recommended Audience: Teachers in all grades and subject areas; coaches and administrators

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  •  Google Tour Creator logo

    Bored with Reality? Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality with Google Tour Creator!

    Presenter: John Kain
    With Google Tour Creator, you and your students can create interactive, visually dynamic virtual tours using content from Google Maps or pictures you take with a VR camera. You'll also learn how to watch your tour using your smartphone and a Google Cardboard VR viewer. We'll have a couple Cardboard viewers to test-drive. If you want to try them out, please come to the session with the Google Cardboard app and the Expeditions app already installed on your smartphone.
    Recommended Audience: Primarily teachers who teach 6-8 social studies, but Google Tour Creator can be adapted to other 6-8 content areas.

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  •  Benchmark Advance logo

    Benchmark Online Tools & Nearpod *FULL*

    Presenter: Amy Woehling
    Sick of using so much paper? Want to be able to differentiate faster and most consistently in the classroom? Good news! You already have the tools to do just that! Learn how to use Benchmark Online and different ways they can supplement and even extend the learning you are doing in the classroom. Bonus: Supplement grammar and ELA lessons using Nearpod.
    Recommended Audience: K-5 ELA Teachers

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  •  Microsoft Accessibility features icons

    Modern Microsoft Tools for Accessibility & Productivity

    Presenter: Jenna Licht
    Engage all students by providing accessibility tools that allow them to customize how they work, and learn ways to make your own tasks more efficient. We'll take a look at a wide variety of modern features available for free in Office 365 and Windows 10.
    Recommended Audience: Teachers in all grades and subject areas; coaches and administrators

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