As a district, Balsz Elementary School District appreciates and understands the responsibilities of molding the minds and the character of future generations.  Schools are a main pillar of society that help us sustain the values of our country, but also reflect and respond in areas of our collective reality to forge ahead towards progress and change to complete the vision of the dream of our nation.  The responsibilities are not light and they coincide with many other charges we in schools accept.  By offering curriculum that is relevant and engaging to our students, we aim for our students to become analytical thinkers who can work in teams as needed to solve problems.  The Balsz Elementary School District using a pedagogy in our schools that is culturally responsive, as we build relationships with students to teach to their specific locus of importance.  Hence, in working with the whole child, our district will remain diligent to create future leaders of tomorrow while fostering their leadership abilities today.

    Dealing with specific possible narratives and concerns regarding Critical Race Theory, as educators, we are solely focused on the aforementioned in our Curriculum Stance.


    George J. Barnes, Ed.D.
    Balsz School District