• Resolution
    Success For All Means Safety For All:
    Balsz Elementary School District Campuses as Safe Zones
    and Resource Centers for Students and Families

    WHEREAS, the United States Supreme Court held in Plyler v. Doe (1982) that no public school
    district has a basis to deny children access to education based on their immigration status, citing
    that children have little to no control over their immigration status, the harm it Would inflict on
    the child and society itself, and equal protection rights of the 14th Amendment;

    WHEREAS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) of the Department of Homeland
    Security activities in and around schools, early education centers, and adult school facilities
    and/or fear and anxiety around such potential activities would be a severe disruption to the
    learning environment and educational setting for students; and

    WHEREAS, ICE’s 2011 policy states that it will not conduct immigration enforcement activity
    at any sensitive location, which includes schools, without special permission by specific federal
    law enforcement officials or unless exigent circumstances exist; and

    WHEREAS, Balsz Elementary School District No. 31 (Balsz) prides itself on being a beacon of
    diversity, understanding, and acceptance;

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that:

    1. The Board declares that every Balsz school site is a safe place Where students and their
    families can seek help, assistance, and information, if faced With fear and anxiety about
    related immigration enforcement and/or “registration” efforts, or any other efforts to
    curtail or deny civil or human rights, and that We Will protect our students’ Free Speech
    and promote civic engagement across every grade level and learning context;

    2. The Superintendent shall establish all schools as resource and information sites for
    students and their families, and the Board encourages the Superintendent to increase and
    enhance partnerships with community-based organizations and legal services
    organizations Who provide resources for families facing deportation and/or registration
    and/or other civil rights restrictions;

    3. In order to provide a public education, regardless of a child or family’s immigration
    status, the District shall abide by the following conduct:
    a. District personnel shall treat all students equitably in the receipt of all school
    services, including, but not limited to, educational instruction, the free and
    reduced lunch program, and transportation;
    b. District personnel shall be reminded not to inquire about a student’s immigration
    status, religion, disability, or sexual orientation, including that of family members
    c. Any request related to immigration status, or by anyone tasked with registering or
    profiling people of a particular religion, race or ethnicity for information or toaccess a school site shall be immediately forwarded to the Superintendent (or in
    his absence, the Assistant Superintendent) for review and a decision on whether to
    allow access to the site, and/or the infonnation to ensure District compliance with
    Plyler and other applicable laws;
    d. The Superintendent shall ensure all teachers, school administrators, and other staff
    will be trained on how to implement these directives, and notification will be
    distributed to families to fully inform them of their rights in the District;

    By this Resolution, the Governing Board affinns its commitment to a safe, welcoming and
    inclusive school for every student without regard to their race, color, national origin, religion, sex
    or disability.

    Signed this 5"‘ day of September, 2017.

    Derrence (D.B.) White, President

    Vic Grace, Board Clerk

    Gail Q. Knight, Member

    Channel Powe, Member

    Todd Schwartz, Member

    Download Signed .pdf document: Balsz School District Campuses as Safe Zones and Resource Centers for Students and Families (Resolution) 

Last Modified on November 16, 2017