• Greetings Balsz Families!

      Welcome to the Fall weather and welcome to the second quarter of the school year.  It was a really good start to the year as students made their way onto their campuses and were able to acclimate to the expectations and embrace the culture of excellence. Our students celebrated each other in the classroom and in extra-curriculars, as we were able to partake in athletics in full swing while students competed against other schools and, in the case of Tillman, other districts. We also had a few opportunities for families to come onto campuses and some fun as we continued to build relationships.  As you looked around your schools last quarter, you may have noticed a few upgrades. The work will continue in the second quarter as we improve our security methods at all district buildings and enhance our facilities with new carpet, paint, more lighting, and improvements to our playgrounds and fields.  Many projects that you will see in the next few months are directly connected to your votes in the most recent bond election and we can’t wait for you to see the next steps!

      Additionally, in the second quarter, we are looking forward to celebrating at all campuses in a variety of ways, as well as lifting our students to new heights in learning. Our students have the potential to be some of the highest performing students in the city and we are all excited to work as a team with you and your students to achieve powerful goals and celebrate our collective efforts.    

      We are all so very proud of our Balsz students and we can’t wait to continue on the “wins” from the first quarter! 


      George J. Barnes, Ed.D.


      Balsz School District