October 10, 2017

    Board Members Honored

    Two of our board members recently received special recognition by the Arizona Community Foundation and the African American Giving Circle for their service.  Ms. Powe and Ms. Knight were recognized on their WE list.  Congratulations Ms. Knight and Ms. Powe! 

    After School Programs Starting

    We have several after school programs starting up for students this Fall. Along with the Chess Club and Skate after School at Crockett, the Drama Club at Griffith and our Culinary Club at the Boys and Girls Club we will have Dancing Classrooms at the Boys and Girls Club. We are pleased to be able to offer such innovative and engaging after school programs for our students.  

    Balsz in the News

    Assistant Superintendent Alexis Wilson was on the local Horizon program speaking to the benefits of Act One.  We are very proud of this great partnership we have for our kids where they can attend high quality performing arts programs around the valley. Here is a clip of the story: https://azpbs.org/horizonte/2017/09/local-nonprofit/. 

    Vision Quest EyeSpy 20/20

    Thanks to our partners with the Phoenix East Rotary we are providing Vision Quest 20/20 screening to identify potential vision problems in students.  This is a new computerized program designed to pick up vision issues that may not become apparent through the traditional vision screening process. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers from Phoenix East Rotary and the Boys and Girls Club as well as Kathleen Owen Jones and Rene Murphy from our student services department for making this possible.


    Women in STEM

    Science teacher Mark Paulsen chaperoned 10 of our best science students to the Women in STEM event at the Arizona Science Center.  The kids had an amazing time. 



    I am pleased to report that after our visit from the Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS) we have been released from corrective action and are in full compliance status!

    Monitors visited 100% of SEI classrooms at Balsz, Brunson Lee, and Crockett with zero audit exceptions.  In other words, everything was perfect!  Ms. Chavez praised our teachers when she wrote: I have had the privilege to work with all of the SEI teachers over the last two months and I am proud of their commitment, progress, and determination to provide the best possible learning experiences for our students, which resulted in the success of this monitoring.  I believe we have the best, most talented, and caring teachers in our district and I look forward to my continued work with the teachers throughout the year.  Hip-Hip Hooray, GO BALSZ!


    Congratulations to Ms. Chavez, her department as well as all the teachers, staff and administrative support from each school.


    BCEF Golf Tournament

    Our annual BCEF Golf Tournament was held at the end of September.  We had about 90 golfers participate. We had a record year with over $53,000 generated for our foundation programs.  We have reserved September 28, 2018 as the date for our tournament next year. 


    Strive Conference

    I was pleased to attend the Strive Together national conference which was held in Phoenix last week.  We had representatives from all over the country come here to share their successes in bringing communities together to support schools. As you may know we have a local effort called Thriving Together which is our local initiative with the other schools within the Phoenix Union system. 


    Crockett Community Resource Room

    The resource room at Crockett was open the first day of parent teacher conferences. We have had 17 families gather much needed food, clothing and other supplies. If you or someone you know needs help or would like to donate, check out our website’s calendar for their schedul 


    Arizona Teacher of the Year


    Each year the Arizona Educational Foundation (AEF) elicits nominations from literally hundreds of teachers from around the state for the Arizona Teacher of the Year.  At this time I am pleased to announce that our very own Josh Meibos, Physical Education Teacher at Crockett has been selected as one of the top teachers in the state of Arizona! Josh is one of a select group of 5 Arizona Teachers of the Year have been identified as “Ambassadors for Excellence”.  This is a great honor and we are very proud of Josh. 


    One of the Ambassadors will ultimately be named 2018 Arizona Teacher of the Year at the luncheon on Thursday, November 7, 2017 at the Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix. 

    Please join me in congratulating Josh and cheering him on as continues this process. Regardless whether Josh is selected as the Arizona Teacher of the Year we are very proud that he is now an Ambassador for Excellence and serves as a wonderful example of all the great teachers we have in our district.   

    District Calendar


    At a recent governing board meeting in October our governing board voted to  approve a hundred and eighty day calendar this is a change from our 200 –day calendar which we've had for the past nine years this change will take effect  n the 2018-19 school year we are now working on what that calendar we're look will look like and our calendar committee will be developing a prototype of a calendar that we hope to have out to our community in January so thank you to everyone who participated in this feedback or the important decision on the calendar for the ball school district thank you and this concludes my  remarks for this month



    Thank you.  This concludes my remarks for this month.