• Board Report September 2018

    Everybody Matters

    At our last board meeting there was a discussion about our newest program to support students called Everybody Matters. We were able to meet with the leaders of Everybody Matters along with Ms. Powe last week.  I am pleased to report that we had a great conversation and all questions were answered.  After consulting with President Schwarz we have agreed to invite Everybody Matters to a board meeting in the early spring to share their experiences and data with our students and families.

    Sodexo Award

    Sodexo hosted a Regional Meeting in Phoenix for over 80 Sodexo managers and senior leaders.  They assembled 100 care packages for the Balsz Community Pantry.  The bags included non-perishable items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream and razors, soap, shampoo, deodorant, dental floss, feminine napkins, children card games in a reusable large shopping bag.  These have been distributed in the Balsz community.

    In addition, I wanted to share that our very own Claude Chatelain and Bill Hall were recognized for their outstanding work as Balsz partners with the Spirit of Sodexo Award which covers three separate regions in North America. Congratulations to Claude and Bill!

    Desert Financial Student Supplies Drive

    Our friends at Desert Financial have once again provided much needed support for our students.  We had a team come to Tillman to distribute backpacks, notebooks and other supplies to about 250 students.  Thank you to Desert Financial for their ongoing support of the Balsz Community.

    T-Mobile Hotspots

    In a partnership with T-Mobil we are providing “Hotspots” that will allow our students at Tillman Middle School to access the internet at home. Our students and their families are very excited to have this option along with their own computer they can take home. 

    Staff Appreciation

    The Balsz Community Education Foundation held a staff appreciation event on Friday, August 31st.  The BCEF provided food and soft drinks for the group. This was a nice opportunity to show our support of our hard working teachers and staff.  Thank you to BCEF and BCEF board member Ms. Virginia Fargo for her leadership in showing our wonderful staff members how much we appreciate them. 

    Wilson College Prep

    I attended the freshman induction ceremony for Wilson College Prep recently.  This is a new AVID high school in our area. They are building a very nice and intimate environment for their students who are committed to attending college.  I look forward to our Tillman AVID students joining their ranks in the coming years.

    Balsz In the News

    And I have a very nice announcement about one of our former students. Maria Higuera, a sophomore at Wilson College Prep and an Alumni from Balsz was awarded the Youth of the Year for the Gabel Boys and Girls Branch.  She will receive a $1,000 scholarship and will now compete to be Arizona’s Youth of the Year for all of the state’s Boys and Girls Clubs.

    Congratulations, Maria!

    Thank you.  This concludes my remarks for this month.