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Message From Superintendent

Dear Balsz Staff and Community,

All of us are reeling from the senseless tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida earlier this week. In this time of grief, it brings to mind our resolve to keep our students and staff safe and to redouble our efforts to review our emergency response plan procedures.

Over the past several years, Balsz School District has made, and continues to make, many improvements to our campus security. The district, in conjunction with the aid of a security consultant has developed an Emergency Response Plan and administrators have received training on various hazards. We have installed security cameras, developed an emergency handbook for classrooms, provided locking campus gates to restrict access, issued identification badges to all employees, installed enclosures in school front offices with electronic door access, and installed Lobby Guard to screen visitors before entering campuses.

The Balsz School District will continue to refine our procedures regarding emergency notifications, lockdown procedures and practice these procedures to identify areas of improvement.

Student and staff safety is our ultimate priority.


Jeffrey J. Smith

Jeffrey J. Smith, Ed.D.

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