Technology Planning Committee Meeting 03/23/2015

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 3/23/2015

Technology Planning Committee Meeting: - An email was sent out inviting all staff to participate in the Technology Planning Committee activities. Those that responded were sent a Doodle request with several meeting dates. Based on their responses a meeting date was chosen. This is an ongoing committee. We would like consistent membership as this improves efficiency and overall effectiveness of the group. However, if you are interested in being a committee member, please email me at  

This is the first meeting of the 2014-15 school year. We are going to begin the review of the policies and procedures for student technology. Our goal is to standardize practices across the district.  We have a deadline to finish by the May Governing Board Meeting because the final handbook needs to be complete for Board Approval. I anticipate we will need to come together two to three more times as we have several other technology topics to cover as well. Don’t let the multiple meetings scare you away.:) We may be able to handle some business in a virtual format as well. Please review the following link to see our current Governing Board Policy and the Technology Use Agreements: I’m attaching the student handbook as well. You will find the technology agreement on page 20. If your school has any additional forms or official rules that pertain to technology, please bring those to the meeting to share.

Besides reviewing and updating what we do have, here is a sampling of some additional areas that we need to consider:

What can we proactively do to mitigate loss and destruction of technology?

Should parents be more involved in the technology, the use of tech, and the student responsibilities?

Laptop top damage – i.e. intentional: students destroying keyboards i.e. accidental: dropped

Laptop Management – i.e. J.H. laptops don’t get turned back in when a student leaves (steps – who is responsible?)/laptops go missing from class sets

How do we manage chargers? Who is responsible for missing chargers? Is there a budgeted amount per school? Is there a cap?

What is the process when a device is missing?

What is the process if a family leaves and never brings the laptop back? When do we report it stolen or do we report it stolen?

What is the criteria/process for the district to replenish missing laptops? How does this get funded? Is there a cap?

How do we handle student laptop discipline if teachers depend on students having tech?

Does everyone know about the different internet filtering groups for discipline? Does it work?

Here is the collaborative presentation that the committee will be using in the policy and procedure discussion.