Technology Planning Committee Meeting Notes 3/23/15

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/13/2015 12:00:00 PM

Technology Planning Committee Members in Attendance:
Jan Mains
Ellen Trzaskowski
Kathleen Paulsen
Kelly Roman
Bryan Cunningham
Myra Romero
Karen Peterson
Meg Hill
Patricia Lacina
Drew Miller
Julie Morgenthal
The Technology Planning Committee met on 3/23/15. We used a Google presentation as our guide. We reviewed the existing policies for Balsz around Technology Use in Instruction, the Technology Agreement for Students, and the Technology Agreement for Employees. We then split into work teams and addressed three main areas: stolen devices, lost devices and chargers, and damaged devices. Each work team was assigned slides from the collaborative presentation relevant to their topic. They followed the prompts and provided feedback as requested. Anyone can login and view the progress by clicking on the link to the presentation. I have taken the feedback and created modifications to our existing policies and created additional ones. We will be reviewing and refining those drafts at the next meeting. 
Our next meeting is 4/13/15