Meeting Notes 4/13/14

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/14/2015

The focus of the committee has been to address the management of student technology from a policy perspective. We have been trying to build consistency around the management of technology district-wide. Our first meeting was structured around a Google Presentation, The Committee split into groups and provided feedback on areas such as dealing with missing/stolen devices and damage, both accidental and intentional. The topic of classroom management of devices was discussed as well. Based on the feedback, I modified and created some additional policies as a starting place for the Committee to study and refine. I also tried to put together some rough some flow charts so we can identify areas of need as we progress. 
The committee studied the documents below, provided feedback and made edits. They were directed to go back to their sites, share these documents and seek additional feedback. All feedback is due on April 24th. Everyone is invited to comment.
The links below were used during our meeting and should be used for feedback:
Flow Chart 1 - Stolen Device
Flow Chart 2 - Damaged Device
Once everyone has had an opportunity to comment, I will make modifications and share the documents back out to the Committee. Once the Committee approves, I will share our work with the Administrative Team. The final step is that they will be presented to the Governing Board. The anticipated date for that is the May or June Board Meeting.
The next topic discussed was around individual teacher technology subscriptions. This is an item we budgeted for in the Override for teachers to be able to secure subscriptions for online programs for supplemental instruction.
Our brainstorming notes are below: 
  • There was a sense that each school should agree on a few subscriptions for different grade level groupings that teachers could choose to use. For example, a set of K-5 programs and a set of 6-8 programs.
  • They felt grouping may be more effective for collaboration/quality use/training
  • There was a sense a school site license would be an economical option rather than paying for individual teachers
  • There was an idea that the money should be allocated based on student count 
  • All subscriptions should be web Based
  • We should make sure we don't agree on programs that have the same functionality as programs we already have
  • No subscriptions for sites that are only for printable worksheets. They must have some element of interactivity
How do we get feedback on this process.
  • Principals should deliver the message
  • Ask them to share at a PCL and collect feedback
  • We can collect the information via spreadsheet with name/url/grade level group
  • Another option is to survey teachers for programs of interest
Please comment on this blog to add to the teacher software subscription brainstorm.
Our next meeting is May 18th. It will be held in the Governing Board Room at the District Office from 3:30PM to 5:00PM.