Technology Planning Committee Meeting 2/21/19

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 2/22/2019


Technology Planning Committee Notes 2/21/19

The current audio video equipment in the classrooms is 6-7+ years old and is in need of replacement. Many of the projectors are dim or blurry and the interactive boards no longer function. Thank you to the community for supporting the bond. Because of this support, we are able to look at options to upgrade, and in some cases re-think our classrooms with respect to audio-visual technology. The Technology Planning Committee met on 2/21/19 at 4:00PM to begin the discussion on updating the audio-visual equipment in the classrooms, libraries, and common meeting areas. 

Technology Committee Members in Attendance:

Ellen Trzaskowski

Sarah Simpson

Karen Netzer

Aurelia Ionescu

Leslee Jonovich

Patricia Lacina

Drew Miller

Julie Morgenthal

The presentation we used in the meeting is here.

We began with some demonstrations of LanSchool, virtual reality, and the Airtame wireless connection for the projector. These are newer technologies that we have in some areas of the District that relate to the Committee's discussions. We did the demonstrations to ensure all committee members would have a common understanding of these topics. 

We also spent some time brainstorming some overarching guidelines for the committee to consider as we study AV needs as they relate to teaching and learning. We will finalize these guidelines at our next meeting.

We discussed this question as a committee, What AV Equipment is necessary to teach the curriculum? 

We then studied survey data from certified staff. A survey was sent out to all teachers prior to this meeting regarding audio-visual priorities. The committee reviewed the initial results. At the time of our review of the data, 61 certified staff had responded. The committee agreed we wanted to try and get a more data. So, another reminder was sent out. We will review the data again prior to our next meeting.

The next meeting will be held at a demonstration showroom to see what AV possibilities exist and what new classroom technologies are available. 

The next meeting is on March 4th at 4:00 PM at Troxell Communications.