Technology Planning Committee Meeting 3/21/19

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 3/22/2019 2:00:00 AM

Technology Committee Members in Attendance.

Aurelia Ionescu

Sarah Simpson

Julie Morgenthal

Drew Miller

Patricia Lacina

Karen Netzer

Leslee Jonovich

Ellen Trzaskowski

The Technology Planning Committee met to discuss final recommendations for classroom audio-visual equipment.

We presented some budget guidelines and had a small group discussion on the ideal classroom setup to maximize teaching and learning.

The committee studied the data from the teacher survey a second time and we reviewed our overarching guidelines for making a decision. The teacher data favors the idea of a projector over a large panel for classroom use. The Committee also seemed to prefer the idea of an interactive, laser projector. The interactive part allows the teacher to use a pen at the whiteboard and interact with the computer. The laser aspect insures a bright, clear picture without bulb replacements or filter replacements. Hitachi is the current brand we are favoring because we already have infrastructure in place to manage Hitachi brand devices remotely. This ensures, among other features, that all devices can be shut down on a schedule when they are not in use. This provides power savings to the District.

Before making a final recommendation, we determined we need some more information on interactive projectors. We discussed challenges with interactive projectors, such as classrooms without whiteboards or classrooms with old whiteboards that may have divets or bumps on the surface. This could interfere with interactivity.

Between now and the next meeting, we are going to do an inventory of whiteboards and old Smart Board installations to see if there could be any additional costs with respect to whiteboards if we consider the interactive projector solution. We are going to open a classroom at Tillman to the Committee that already has an older model interactive projector. This way Committee Members can visit and try out the device. We are asking a vendor that sells the Hitachi brand interactive projector to come and show us the latest model at our next Technology Committee Planning Meeting. That meeting is going to take place on April 2nd, from 4-5:30 in the District Office Board Room. 

Other items we are still discussing are wireless projection devices so teachers can move around the room with their tablet untethered, surround sound for voice amplification, and document cameras.

If you would like to contribute to our discussion, please comment. All comments are moderated.