Technology Planning Committee Meeting 4/18/19

Posted by Julie Morgenthal on 4/19/2019 4:00:00 PM

Technology Planning Committee



Committee Members in Attendance:

Karen Netzer

Leslee Jonovich

Ellen Trzaskowski

Aurelia Ionescu

Patricia Lacina

Drew Miller

Julie Morgenthal

We started the meeting by reviewing some budget estimations for the interactive projectors, whiteboard replacements and additions in trouble spots versus the cost of the interactive flat panels.


We considered the question again of advantages and disadvantages of interactive projectors versus flat panels.

  • Based on the data we collected from the survey, 67% of teachers indicated they preferred a projector type display versus 23% who said they preferred a large main panel or a main panel with multiple smaller panels on the side walls.
  • The committee members felt the panel (75 inches diagonal) was difficult for the students to see from the back of the room.
  • Committee members also felt the panels were difficult to use with kids sitting on the far edges. The image becomes difficult or impossible to see.
  • The interactivity of the projector is slightly less sensitive than the interactive panel, but they felt both worked well and the difference was minimal.
  • The projector has a 90 to 100 inch throw versus the panel that is 75 inches. Larger panels (>75 inches) are currently cost prohibitive.
  • With the projector, teachers do not lose any of the white board real estate.
  • The projectors we are proposing are laser projectors so there is no need for future lamp replacements and the projectors are advertised to last 50,000 hours. They are 3300 lumens so they should be bright even in a well lit room with windows.
  • Interactive panels are about 700.00 more per unit (without installation).


The Committee's final recommendation is interactive projectors as the new standard for the classroom display. We are planning to add an additional 200-300 per installation for external speakers. This will also be better sound quality than the panels offer with the built in sound bar.


We are planning to give up permanent cabling and going with a widi solution. This will allow teachers to project and interact with the projector wirelessly so they can move freely about the classroom. We will provide a long HDMI cable for use in case of a widi issue that can’t be solved in a short amount of time. The advantage of the widi solution is that there is less latency and delay for videos than with our current Airtame solution. However, it only works with Windows computers. The HDMI cable will also be available for the rare occasions that a teacher wants to project the Chromebook.


We are also planning on providing portable microphone systems for teachers to check out. We have not spent as much time on these units. So, I have ordered seed units from two different manufacturers. Committee members will get to try these out for several days in their classrooms and show and tell with other teachers on campus. We will bring a recommendation for standardization on these units based on their feedback.


Options for small rooms - The interactive projector solution is only for standard classroom areas. Currently, we do have projectors installed in small office spaces. Pending final budgetary quotes, we will revisit this topic with regard to replacement and refresh in these areas.


We are hosting a Community/Staff Night on Wednesday April 24th at the Balsz Community Center. We will have an Interactive projector, a document camera, and the teacher surround sound system available for staff and community to see and test the hardware the committee is proposing.