Travel Reimbursement Procedures


School employees who incur expenses in carrying out their authorized duties shall be reimbursed by the District upon submission of allowable supporting receipts, provided that prior authorization has been granted by the Superintendent 

Reimbursement amounts shall not exceed the maximums established pursuant to A.R.S. 38-624.

DKC - Expense Authorization/Reimbursement


Step by Step Do not travel if you do not have a purchase order to get reimbursed.


Step 1

  • Request approval for the professional travel. It shall be pre-approved by an authorized school district employee (Principal, Assistant Principal, Director, or Superintendent). 


Step 2


  • Submit a requisition.  Employee should wait for a purchase order (PO) prior to any expenditures.  A purchase order (PO) is the written proof that the travel has been approved and funded.  Any expense acquired prior to a purchase order (PO) becomes the employee’s expense. The district will not reimburse any expenditures made prior to the purchase order date. 

Step 3


  • Submit the travel reimbursement form.  As a requirement of the DKC © EXPENSE AUTHORIZATION / REIMBURSEMENT district policy supporting receipts are required in order to get reimburse.  Submit a travel reimbursement form with signed attached original receipts that support the allowable travelexpense.




Travel Reimbursement Rates and Forms

Travel and Reimbursement Rates

Travel Reimbursement Form

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