• Balsz Family! 

    It has been an amazing first few weeks here as the newly appointed Superintendent of Balsz School District.  In such a small amount of time, I have had powerful conversations with teachers, staff, community members, partners of the district, and more.  I have walked through schools, met students, read a variety of documents, reviewed reports, and met with several other superintendents in our surrounding area.  Through each step of this process, the thought that comes to mind regarding our district is that this district is a family and a place of care.  I will continue to build relationships, read, and learn more and more to solidify a truth that our community is one that is built on the desire for us to achieve in magnificent ways.  We support each other.  We provide for each other.  We care for each other.  During the next few weeks and months, we will continue to talk about what our future Balsz will be.  We will work together to build on current initiatives and research and develop procedures, programs, and practices to build on our present greatness and press onto to excellence in all aspects in the development of our students and community as a whole. 

    As I have had great days, one difficult area was the Aggregate Expenditure Limit (AEL) and its impact on our schools throughout the state.  We are now on the other side of a decision that was made in our favor by our legislators and we can breathe easier regarding our budget for schools.  I personally and professionally want to thank all of you for your thoughts and actions to help push the vote in our favor.  As we continue to build on our greatness to excellence for our students, please continue to remain engaged with your government officials and help push our vision as we continue to move in the right direction. 

    Finally, if you are a parent and/or a community member, our district is looking for a new Governing Board Member.  Here is a wonderful opportunity to have a leadership level impact on our district for all students and our community.  There will be more information that will be released to the community soon, but if you already know you are interested, please reach out to Maricela Siordian at our district office at (602) 629-6400.   

    I thank you all for your energy and efforts.  I believe in Balsz. I appreciate you all and look forward to our future together! 

    George J. Barnes, Ed.D  
    Balsz School District