• Teaching & Learning with Technology PLC - February 20, 2019


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    All sessions will take place at Brunson-Lee    2:00 - 3:30 PM
    Bring your laptop and charger.  

    Due to allergies, Brunson-Lee School is a nut-free zone.

  •  Creating Interactive Math Lessons with Nearpod

    Creating Interactive Math Lessons with Nearpod

    Learn how to use Nearpod to create interactive and engaging digital lessons that align to Eureka Math.
    Tanya Reyes
    Grades 1 - 8

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  •  Drawing of Earth to represent the Google Earth logo

    Google Earth in the Classroom

    Learn how to use the world's most detailed globe in your history, geography, math, and science lessons.
    Katherine Urbanski

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  •  Image with the Google Forms icon

    Accountability with Google Forms

    Learn how to use Google Forms to make your life easier and more streamlined, from self-grading quizzes and parent communication logs to data tracking and more!
    Cassondra Bussing

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  •  Decision Ed Logo

    Dive into the Data Warehouse

    Learn to navigate your workspace in the the Balsz District data warehouse. You can see summary and detail data for all of your students in the areas of assessment, attendance, demographics, and behavior. You will learn how to filter reports and how to navigate and drill down on the dashboards.
    Dr. Julie Morgenthal
    For all certified staff

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  • CLOSED Google Classroom: Providing resources for your students anywhere they go!

    CLOSED Google Classroom: Providing resources for your students anywhere they go!

    CLOSED DUE TO MAX. ENROLLMENT Use Google Classroom as a resource for students and parents: class notes, assignments, and homework, parent support and access. Recommended for those who have limited or no experience with Google Classroom.
    Bianca Gonzalez
    Any grade level

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  •  Image of Google Docs and Google Drawing Logos

    Google Docs and Drawings with K-2

    Google has amazing tools, but how can we integrate technology into our curriculum? Learn the basics of Google Docs and Drawings, how to integrate them seamlessly into your existing instruction, and how to authentically use the tools with young students.
    Sarah Simpson

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  •  Image representing the Google Slides logo

    Interactive Google Slides

    Learn how to use Slides by integrating them into Science Lessons, create interactive lessons, collaborate with students and others, make quick quizzes. Slides can be used across the curriculum.
    Jennifer Wong
    Grades 3-8

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  •  Image of a box with the Nearpod logo, having app symbols streaming out of the box

    Nearpod for Individual Learning

    Create student-paced lessons on Nearpod for students to complete when you have a substitute or create individualized lessons for students such as small group instruction, language skills, math skills, or science activities. This session is at an intermediate level - for teachers who have been already introduced to Nearpod.
    Tiffany Crawford
    Grades K-8

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  • NEW Google Sites

    NEW Google Sites

    Use the new (11/16) Google Sites tools to easily create beautiful sites for sharing curricula and resources with students, promoting collaboration, and keeping parents involved. Students can also create sites, which have sharing options for privacy. When you are ready to share your site, it can be linked to your school's website and assigned a friendly URL. Come prepared with images, documents, and other content to create your site. Check out this example: www.balsz.org/bussing Pat Lacina , K-8

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  •  Powtoon logo

    Powtoon Educational Cartoons

    Learn how make content fun by teachers and students creating engaging, educational cartoons.
    Megan Krotz
    Recommended for 1st - 5th grades
    Limit 12

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  • Screencasting & YouTube: Creating and Sharing Lessons

    Teachers will learn how to record lessons for any subject area. Using the Chrome screencasting extensions, teachers will be able to record their lessons and then upload their lessons to YouTube. We will go over the basics of safety around YouTube and then how to connect the recording to Google Classroom so that your students will be able to access the videos.
    Mark Paulsen
    Grades K-8

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  •  Image with Synergy logo, Google Classroom logo, and two curved arrows, meant to represent the sync

    Syncing Google Classroom with Synergy

    Already using Google Classroom? Go to the next step and learn how to sync your Google Classrooms with Synergy to make make grading seamless. Friendly tips on how to make the transition easy.
    Connie Padian
    Grade K-8

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